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Too much government control

• Sunday, January 29th, 2012

Alec Empire loves Vienna. At least it looks like he does. For the last three years he played here either under his own name or as the regrouped Atari Teenage Riot, that stopped playing live after the leave of Hanin Elias in 1999.
Adding CX Kidtronic to his solo band member Nic Endo, it seemed to make sense to call it a riot once again.
So last years show of “Is This Hyperreal?” was followed by the release of the album worth being called digital hardcore. And now with Occupy protests all over the world, protests against new government control implementations like SOPA, PIPA and ACTA, their songs are more relevant than ever, Alec shouting for change, they came back to add their weight to this fight.
Atari X

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In the Bubble – Swing Kids Tour 2011

• Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Not even a week ago, Kirst and I went to Nuremberg to see her favourite Hardcore band from earlier life, the San Diego Swing Kids. They were touring Europe for their 15th anniversary as Blue Note together with Warsawwasraw and Wolves like us. Kirst knows the guys, so we were joining them there as well as in Vienna the day after.
All the bands were great, the Swing Kids simply impressive. Thanks to bassist John Brady we got some guest tickets and of course a lot of funny stories from abroad.
The great evening ended with lots of beer and chats with the band until we had to go home so Kirst could catch some zZz’s before her flight in the morning back to NL.

John Brady - Swing Kids

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From Russia with love

• Monday, July 18th, 2011

Once more I had the opportunity to take pictures of lovely Russian surf rockband Messer Chups. This time they were playing at the “Szene Wien”, a nice small club in the outskirts of Vienna. They did a great job as last time, removed the B-Movie samples – though the horror flicks were still showing up on the wall behind – and added Zombie Girl’s voice instead.

Unlike other bands at this club they were having a nice light setup, so I couldn’t resist to shoot some video.
Without having my fieldrecorder with me the internal camera’s sound is quite bad, but still good enough to get an impression what you can expect at their show.

Messer Chups 2011 - VI

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Birthday Beach

• Saturday, July 9th, 2011

It’s been a long time since the last update here, I seem to prefer simple flickr picture sets with some comments, to a short story told with pictures.
But then again, I rather like to read my own blog and those of other photobloggers around than having a look at pictures only. Also this one is for the person who flattered me anonymously – thanks!
So this set here was in Nice, France, at my birthday. K took me to a fancy expansive hotel – two Tesla roadsters parked in front – next to the beach, watching rich people in nearby Monaco, joining the crowd for the French carneval and having birthday dinner at fancy olive oil nerd restaurant Oliviera.
I tried to translate the feeling of the first spring sun after a long cold and dark winter. Here, just one hour away from Vienna, the spring was already here and pushed our mood to a relaxing state.


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Christmas Traditions

• Monday, December 13th, 2010

How fast this year passed, I got pretty surprised by the message it was already time for the annual Santacon.
On December 11th, traditionally a busy Saturday at the weekends before Christmas, the non organized Santacon took place in Vienna as in NYC, Beijing, Paris and in a lot of other big cities.

Like last year my favourite Scot joined me for the nerd party with more than 40 Santas. The route started in the inner district at the Minoritenplatz, down to the Maria-Theresienplatz performing the traditional naughty songs, went on to the Museumsquartier for more Punsch and finally staggered along the Mariahilferstrasse back to the starting point.

Though I didn’t made it to the finish it was a great time, thanks to the Santas – and Elves!

Santacon (2)
more pictures…

also some more pictures from last year and from 2008.

Moving Pictures

• Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

After about half a year I found enough time to finish the cut and edit of my Japan videos. Sadly as with the pictures, I only got a few shots so there were not many options to cut it into something outstanding and emotionally engaging.

But on the way to this 90 second clip – just the maximum size of a flickr clip – I found an acceptable workflow to get the videos from my camera to the actual platform.
I remember half a year ago I tried to do it once with another video and failed totally. Beside the usual flaws of bad written software, you’ll have to cope with the diffent media-codecs and their containers. And every platform necessarily messes around with that again.
Take pictures, they are very easy to capture, edit and upload. And print.
To get a video to look like what you see on your screen, what you hear on your headset is still something you’ll have to put some effort in.



The clip shows a view at the garden of the Silver Pavillion, the Bamboo Forest of Arashiyama and a small park close to that monkey hill, some tame deer around Nara being fed by a group of women dressed up in the classic white pilgrimage outfit and finally a Shinkansen entering the Kyoto Station, with the station guard waving for me to not step over the yellow line again.
They are strict on that.

Idylle a Paris

• Thursday, August 5th, 2010

I love Berlin for the clash of east and west, resulting in cultural and artistical diversity.

I love Tokyo for its contradictions. They make you wonder every day and always rethink your position.

And I love Paris for its tune. The tune that inspired artists and fueled revolutions.

Surprising my best friend on her birthday with a weekend trip, I could once again explore some parts of Paris.
Loving the warm colors shaped into golden tones by old buildings around Hotel de Ville and the open spaces of La Defense, I took much more pictures of the architecture around than doing street.
I might have done more but I recently got myself the Heliar 15mm and so I focused more on architecture to play around with it. My digital gear didnt have much to do this time. Its difficult to enjoy the moment and at the same time see everything with the eye of the photographer. It’s like having a discussion with someone while painting him. I think a rangefinder can be integrated into such moments more easily, still it would require everyday practice to switch seamless. Practice I haven’t had for quite some time.

Grand Arche

So here I present some parts of Paris that seemed to fit the wide angles, still inheriting the feeling of just passing by instead of giving analytic architecture frames. Hotel de Ville, heart of Paris and it’s history. Place Vendome, where you can still feel the spirit of the aristocrats. Place La Defense and it’s Grande Arche, the new modern counterpart to the Arc de Triomphe at the other side.

Not that much, but I’m sure I will catch some more of the air sooner or later.
Cause I just love Paris.

Cosplay Origins

• Monday, February 1st, 2010

A little late, but still before my next trip to Japan, here are some pictures from the Tokyo Game Show last year.
Not that much crowded as I’d expected it, still worth a visit. Of course German’s Gamescom is bigger and has more surprises for the common gamer, but at TGS you have the chance to see some games never making it to Europe. Weird ones, funny ones.

And between on-stage interviews, booth babes and people having their lunch on sheets on the floor there are the Cosplay people. Actually it seems they are the main attraction as many of them are underground stars, appearing at every game related event.
So I broke the rules of queuing up for picture taking and did them from an observing angle rather than doing a “shooting”.
Still I got a straight pose from “Cyborg Ninja” girl Omi Gibson



A red wave floods Vienna

• Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Last Saturday it was time for another Santacon. More people, more fun, more punsch than last year.
Again here are more pictures and last year’s video. This year monochrom also tried to get more people to join the party.
And finally we had a surprise guest, a weird performance combo

Santa loves the MUMOK

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Visitor from abroad

• Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

On this years travel to Japan I met Laura from California. After a very nice stroll around Ueno Koen, some shopping in Ginza and lots of good talking about the japanese culture she was looking forward to see Vienna on her next trip across Europe.
So last week, I showed her around.
It's quite cold

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